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Summer 2011

Institutional Information

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Educational Program

Student Activities

Price of Attendance

Net Price Calculator

Fast Facts

Gainful Employment

Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities

Student Diversity see enrollment tab

Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Federal Financial Aid

Textbook Information

Transfer of Credit Policies and Articulation Agreements

Accreditation, Approval and Licensure of NMCC and its Programs

Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions

Computer Use & File Sharing

Student Outcomes

Retention Rate

Graduation & Transfer Out Rates

Job Placement for Graduates

Intercollegiate Athletic Participation Rates & Financial Support Data

NMCC does not have intercollegiate athletic programs as defined under 34 CFR 668.41 and 34 CFR 668.47

Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

Notice of Availability of Institutional & Financial Aid Information

Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional or Financial Aid Information

Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal and Return of Federal Financial Aid

Assistance Available from Federal, State, Local & Institutional Programs

Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Violations

Student Loan Information

Your Health & Safety

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Vaccination Policies

Campus Security Policies, Crime Statistics, and Crime Log

Fire Safety Policies, Fire Statistics, and Fire Log

Your Right to Privacy

Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)

Website Privacy Policy


Voter Registration

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