NMCC - Program Outcome
  • Work Values, including work ethic, punctuality, motivation, etc.
  • Basic Safety, including organizational and ergonomic skills, etc. 
  • Blueprint Reading, including site/floor plans, materials estimations, etc.
  • Power Tool Use, including radial arm saw, jointer, planer, drill press, etc. 
  • Hand Tool Use, including plane, squares and bevels, saws, hammers, etc.
  • Framing, including floor and sill framing, wall and partition framing, etc. 
  • Roofing, including trusses, flashing, shingling, etc.
  • Finishing, including cabinetry, stair assembly, molding, kitchen design, painting/staining, wall covering, tiling, shelving, etc. 
  • Communication, including both written and oral communication.
  • Mathematics, including measurement, conversions, computations, etc.

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