NMCC - Residential Construction

The Residential Construction program provides entering men and women with realistic, up-to-date training in the tools of the carpentry trade, the methods of proper construction, the proper materials to use and the related knowledge necessary to enter the trade.

First year students learn and practice the uses and safety of power and hand tools. The principles of residential construction are practiced by building a full-size modular house in the lab. This includes roof framing, roof trusses, floor framing, wall partition framing, exterior finish, roofing, siding and insulation. Second year student's supplement their trade skills by learning and practicing interior finish, kitchen cabinets, painting and staining. These skills are performed on the full size modular house. These tasks are performed in conjunction with students from other building trades programs.

Graduates of the Residential Construction program will be qualified as beginning carpenters and may find employment with building contractors, building suppliers, governmental agencies, home specialty companies, manufacturing firms or other organizations. The associate degree level program may lead to advanced positions as general construction supervisors or contractors. Carpenters learn about the total construction process in their education, which also provides good advancement opportunities.

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