NMCC - Liberal Studies
Liberal studies is an associate in arts program primarily designed for students whose educational goal is to transfer to a baccalaureate-granting institution or for students who are undecided about their educational and career goals. This flexible degree program will allow the student to gain a broad, general background and either continue on to a baccalaureate program or enter an occupational program.
Students may also opt to enroll in the Advantage U Program, which helps to facilitate an easier transition from NMCC to one of Maine's public university campuses.  Students will be connected with an advisor at the appropriate University of Maine campus while still a student at NMCC and that advisor will help ensure that each student is taking the most appropriate courses for the program that he/she plans to transfer into at the university.
Graduates will gain a liberal studies background, including writing, speaking, critical thinking, mathematics, science, problem solving and skills necessary for a lifetime of continuing education and/or employment. Embedded into this program is the integration of knowledge, skills and values. 

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