NMCC - Wind Turbine

A residential wind turbine to be used as a teaching tool for new and returning Northern Maine Community College students when classes resume August 2011

The 10 kilowatt unit at the site of NMCC’s Northern Maine Center for Excellence in Alternative Energy Training and Education will be used by students in the wind power technology and other academic programs that incorporate alternative energy into the curriculum.

The turbine, manufactured by Norman, Oklahoma-based Bergey Windpower Company, is an EXCEL model and measures 23 feet in diameter. The unit, installed on an 80 foot lattice tower, is designed for high reliability, low maintenance, and automatic operation in adverse weather conditions.

NMCC purchased the tower through Northern Electric Incorporated of Ashland. The company installed the turbine during the first week of August at the alternative energy center, which is nearby the Presque Isle campus in the Skyway Industrial Park. With the turbine up and running, College officials are now looking forward to its use as an instructional tool.

Nation Wide Wind Map

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