NMCC - Learning Resources

A variety of learning resources are available at NMCC to assist students. Room for reading, research, completion of projects, academic assistance, and quiet study is available in the college’s library, media center and learning center.


The library has an excellent collection of technical volumes, program specific non-fiction, and trade journals as well as videos. In addition, there are many books for casual reading, including both fiction and nonfiction. The library also subscribes to a variety of popular newspapers and magazines. All these items are listed in the library's fully automated catalog available on the Internet. Students have the ability to browse the holdings of and borrow books from over 50 Maine libraries. Electronic magazine indexes, with numerous full text articles, speed information gathering. Some study carrels are outfitted with a 13" TV/VCR combination unit.


Media Center

In the media center, students can work on computer workstations which are linked with the Local Area Network, the AS/400 system and the Internet. Many of the workstations are also equipped with multimedia equipment and CD ROM drives. These stations emulate those in the computer labs. The media center is open the same hours as the library.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is an area where developmental studies, tutorial assistance and relaxed study take place.

The developmental program consists of four major areas: reading, writing, math and study skills. As a result of placement testing, some students will be required to take developmental studies. The developmental program is also open to improve skills on an elective basis.

Any student needing assistance in any subject area may go to the learning center for tutorial assistance. This can be done on an individual or small group basis. If students need an area in which to study or work in small groups, check with the learning center and this may be arranged. In addition to being open weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, the learning center has extended evening and weekend hours during which a peer tutor is available.

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