NMCC - Career Services

Career planning and placement assistance is available from several sources at NMCC. The staff in student affairs and individual instructors are willing to help graduates find jobs in their field. Because of their job market knowledge and employer contacts, instructors are often excellent sources of assistance. Several job search engines are availabe on the Internet. Each spring, seniors benefit from a strong effort to help them secure their places in the working world.

The student affairs office offers information, workshops and counseling to help students explore options and plans for their careers, while encouraging students to explore careers which have been considered nontraditional for their gender. Workshops are held each year on such topics as resume writing, employment letters and effective interviewing skills. Student affairs also offers assistance to students to help identify their skills, interest and values in relation to career selection. Such information is important to students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate program, as well as to those who will go directly to work upon graduation from NMCC.

The following are percentages of graduate employment rates approximately six months after graduation for the past three years:

  2002 2003 2004  
#Employed 65% 78% 69.5%  
#Employed & Continuing Ed 18% 8% 10%  
#Continuing Education (full-time) 10% 8% 12%  
#Unemployed 7% 6% 8.5%  

The high employment rate from year to year is one of the advantages afforded to graduates at NMCC. While past performance is not a promise of future placements, the demand for skilled technicians suggests continuing high employment rates for graduates.

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