NMCC - Bookstore
Each student is required to provide at his/her expense all necessary textbooks, equipment and supplies. The bookstore has available all the books and supplies needed for courses. Other offerings include pens, pencils, notebooks, shirts, jackets, mugs and other collegiate items.

Bookstore hours will be posted.

Bookstore Return Policy

Return Policy:

    • The original bookstore sales slip is required for all books brought back for exchange or refund.
    • Refunds for textbooks are allowable any time during the Add/Drop period. Books purchased after that time will be refunded only if returned within five business days of the purchase date. Other merchandise may be returned for refund within ten business days of the purchase.
    • Any item returned for refund must be in the same condition as when purchased (i.e. cellophane cannot be broken). New books, if marked, cannot be returned.
    • Refunds will be made by the method of purchase. For example, books purchased with a credit card will be refunded using the same credit card. Additionally, if books were purchased by check, the student must wait five days from the date of the student's return of the book to receive a refund.
    • Any tools or electronic components will not be returnable once purchased.

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