NMCC - Admission Policies

Completion of a four-year high school program or a state high school equivalency certificate is required for admission to the associate degree, diploma and certificate programs offered at NMCC. A rolling admission policy affords candidates the opportunity to apply and be considered for acceptance throughout the year, but early application (9-10 months prior to the beginning of a given school year) is recommended because of competition and enrollment capacities established for each program. Some programs are subject to a competitive admission process. All programs are offered to women and men. Students are encouraged to enroll in programs considered nontraditional for their sex. Qualified handicapped students are also encouraged to apply and are provided appropriate support services. See the requirements and recommendations matrix at the end of this section.


For more information on policies refer to the Student Handbook.

Academic Assessment Testing

The Maine Community College System has adopted a series of recommended scores on the Accuplacer test which may indicate academic readiness for collegiate-level academic work. Individuals having test scores lower than those recommended may increase their likelihood of academic success in collegiate-level courses through a variety of methods including, but not limited to, remedial and introductory coursework.

Northern Maine Community College considers all relevant information including academic testing when making program admission decisions and does not exclude candidates from admission based solely on test results. For program admission requirements, please review the individual program descriptions in the college catalog or web page.

For more information regarding the Accuplacer assessment test go to: www.collegeboard.com/accuplacer.

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