NMCC - Program Outcome

A student successfully completing this program will be able to do the following:
  • Maintain a safe work environment. 
  • Perform all record keeping functions.
  • Conduct preventive maintenance operations. 
  • Maintain proper communications with customers and colleagues.
  • Service air and exhaust systems. 
  • Perform necessary welding operations.
  • Service fuel systems. 
  • Service and repair diesel cylinder heads.
  • Perform valve and injector adjustments. 
  • Maintain electrical systems.
  • Maintain electronic control systems. 
  • Maintain air brake systems.
  • Maintain suspension and steering systems. 
  • Maintain hydraulic systems.
  • Perform engine rebuilding operations. 
  • Maintain drive train systems.
  • Maintain air conditioning/transport refrigeration systems.

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