NMCC - Program Outcome

 A student successfully completing this program will be able to do the following:
  • Understand the behavior and principles that govern AC and DC electrical circuits.
  • Understand the principles of basic analog electronic components and circuits.
  • Properly select and use electronic diagnostic equipment.
  • Troubleshoot electronic circuits using available information.
  • Read and comprehend electronic schematic diagrams.
  • Understand the mathematical relationships that govern electrical circuits.
  • Use algebraic and trigonometric formulas to predict and analyze electrical circuits.
  • Demonstrate safe and proper use of typical tools for electronic technicians.
  • Be eligible for Gain Comp TIA Security+ certification.
  • Understand digital logic systems and numbering systems.
  • Understand 8-bit microprocessor theory and interfacing.
  • Exhibit a high standard of ethics in the workplace.
  • Effectively communicate with others using written and oral modes.
  • Perform routine troubleshooting and repair of computers.
  • Perform routine repair of computer monitors and printers.
  • Understand microprocessor architecture and programming.
  • Understand advanced microprocessor interfacing.

  • Be eligible for Gain Comp TIA A+ certification.
  • Be eligible for Gain Comp TIA Network+ certification.
  • Write technical reports and interpret technical manuals.
  • Understand the natural laws of physics as they pertain to the trade.
  • Properly identify and use commercial electronic tools of the trade.
  • Plan and install computer networks.
  • Manage and administer computer networks.
  • Understand a variety of social, economic, and cultural operatives.
  • Be eligible for Gain Comp TIA Linux+ certification.
  • Be eligible for Gain Comp TIA Healthcare IT Technician certification.
  • Be proficient with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 and Window Server 2012.

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