NMCC - Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology is a two-year program designed to provide broad fundamental training in all aspects of automotive service and repair, employing up-to-date methods and materials for today's technology.
In the first semester, students concentrate on the under-car chassis, including wheels and tires, wheel balancing techniques, brakes, front and rear suspension, steering systems and computerized wheel alignment. During the spring semester, first year students concentrate on automotive electricity, including batteries, starting systems, charging systems, ignition systems and vehicle wiring.

In the second year, students cover the areas of engine performance diagnostics and repair, including: OBDI and OBDII computerized engine control; high pressure and low pressure fuel injection systems; emission control systems; and ABS control systems. In the final semester, the course covers areas of major engine service, automatic/manual transmissions and final drive assemblies.

Male and female graduates of the Automotive Technology program will be qualified as entry level technicians, finding employment with automobile dealerships, independent garages, after market specialty shops and other related businesses.

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