NMCC - Community Paramedicine
The Community Paramedicine program is designed to educate licensed paramedics who are primarily employed in the pre-hospital emergency environment to become competent community paramedics. Community paramedics work collaboratively with public health, home care and primary care professionals in non-emergency settings, filling gaps in the healthcare workforce.  Community paramedics help patients meet critical health needs by helping establish health systems that promote health and wellness, while serving as advocates, educators, facilitators, liaisons, and resource coordinators. The program is designed to allow paramedics to perform needs assessments and assist in the development of community paramedicine initiatives that meet very specific and individualized community needs. Paramedics having earned an academic credential (associate degree or higher, in any field) may enroll directly into the advanced certificate level of the program; those candidates who have not yet earned an associate degree will be considered for the Associate Degree in Science level of the program.
Community Paramedicine is a new and exciting career choice for experienced, licensed paramedics. In addition to serving communities in the traditional roles, community paramedics are employed by acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, assisted living organizations, public health entities, and municipalities.

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