NMCC - Curriculum - Advanced Certificate

Community Paramedicine Advanced Certificate

Career/Vocational C L CL CR
ALH124 Health & Safety Compliance 1 0 0 1
EMS243 Community Paramedicine 6 2 0 8
EMS245 Community Paramedicine Clinical 0 0 9 3
EMS247 Community Paramedic Seminar 0 3 0 1
NUR114 Health Promotion & Nutrition 3 0 0 3
    10 5 9 16
Total Required       16

(C - class hours; L - lab hours; CL - clinical; CR - credits)
Please note that the Advanced Certificate program is only available for those who already possess, at minimum, an associate degree.
  • Candidates for admission must present at least one of the following:  an active paramedic license (Maine), an Advanced Care Paramedic license (NB), proof of equivalent licensure from another state or province, or NREMT registration.
  • Clinical externships are faculty directed courses; students work with an assigned preceptor in various clinical rotations in both the hospital and community setting.
  • Students must satisfactorily complete the Clinical Compliance Checklist, including immunizations, prior to entering any clinicals. Clinical facilities may prohibit students from their facilities based on positive criminal background check.
  • ALH 124 must be taken within 12 months prior to entering EMS 245.

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