NMCC - I.T. Usage and Support Policy
General Technology Policy

Use of Northern Maine Community College technology resources are for the sole purpose of delivering the college's mission of research, teaching and learning, and civic engagement as outlined in the MCCS Acceptable Use Policy. Eligible individuals are provided access in order to support their studies, instruction, duties as employees and other official business with the college. Individuals may not share with, or transfer to others, their account information including network IDs, passwords, or other access codes that allow them to gain access to information technology resources.

Technology resources may not be used in a manner that violates the law, for private commercial activities that are not approved by the school, for personal private gain, interference with the fulfillment of an employee’s job responsibilities or activities that are inconsistent with the college's tax-exempt status. Additionally, the acceptable use policy must be adhered to at all times to ensure the network is being used appropriately.

Technology Support

College Owned Computers

The technology staff is responsible for supporting the college-owned computers, telecommunication equipment, controls, networks and network infrastructure. To report a problem, users will be responsible for submitting a work order via the information portal. The technology support staff will respond and take appropriate action once the work order has been submitted.

Non-College Owned Computers

The Information Technology Office may not provide support for personally owned computers and technology.

 The technology support staff members are available for consultation and limited diagnostics if connecting to Northern Maine Community College technologies such as the wireless network and projectors. However, for issues other than those deemed minor by the IT staff, the owner will be directed to the original equipment provider or to local technical support vendors.

Wireless Access

Students, faculty and staff are provided wireless network access for the purpose of accessing network storage, the Internet and other technology resources provided by the College. The campus community will have access to the wireless network using their network ID and password.

The general public and guests of the College will also be afforded an opportunity to access the wireless network. Temporary network accounts will be provided and distributed at the library circulation desk. Users not enrolled at or employed by NMCC will need a driver’s license or two other forms of unique identification to obtain the temporary network ID. These accounts are disabled after seven days and removed from the system one month after issuance.

Minimum system requirements to access the NMCC wireless network:

    * Windows XP Service Pack 2
    * Mac OSX
    * Wireless 54 G adapter
    * The following must be installed, enabled and up to date:
          o Professional Antivirus (Norton, McAfee, Trend-Micro)
          o Personal Firewall (Windows XP, McAfee, Zone Alarm)

Waiver of Liability

The information technology staff ensures that all controllable situations are handled professionally, however, as a user of Northern Maine Community College’s network there are factors that are beyond the College’s control. These factors may include, but are not limited to: theft of unattended equipment, unsecured data transmission, natural disasters, electrical outages or other unforeseen circumstances that may hinder or affect the network, user’s equipment, and other College technology. As a network user, you agree to hold harmless the College, its staff and/or agents for any damages or adverse affects to your equipment resulting from the use of the network, accepting consultation or problem diagnosis by the College’s technology support staff or agents.

Violation of Usage and Support Policies

The use of NMCC network is a privilege, not a right. All students, faculty, staff and general public users are expected to adhere to the Usage and Support Policy along with the Acceptable Use Policy. Inappropriate use may result in a cancellation of those privileges and/or disciplinary action may be taken.

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