NMCC - NMCC Acceptable Use Policy
NMCC Acceptable Use Policy for College Information Resources
Primary Goal of Information Resources:

To support and enhance the educational activities of NMCC by providing access to additional resources, both within and external to NMCC and extending the opportunity for collaborative work.

The college encourages the use of college resources for these primary activities. These resources include, but are not limited to, hardware (including telephones, computers, and traditional media equipment) either owned or leased by the college, software, and consulting time (and expertise) of the computer staff.

The use of technology resources provided by the college for endeavors not directly related to enhancing and facilitating teaching, collaborative work, and applied research should be considered as secondary activities. Should such secondary activities in any way interfere with primary activities, they may be terminated or limited immediately.

Many of the technology resources of the college are shared among the entire college community. Everyone using those resources should be considerate of the needs of others and be certain that nothing is done to impede anyone else's ability to use these resources.

Such impediments may include, but are not limited to:

  • activities that obstruct usage or deny access to others
  • activities that compromise privacy
  • activities that harass
  • activities that are libelous
  • attempting to "hack" into any computer either at the College or elsewhere
  • activities that violate copyright laws
  • activities that violate college rules
  • destruction or alteration of data or information belonging to others
  • activities that violate local, state, or federal laws
  • unauthorized use of computer accounts
  • impersonating other individuals
  • creating, using or distributing, virus programs or programs that attempt to explore or exploit network security and/or other vulnerabilities
  • attempts to capture or crack passwords or break encryption protocols
  • allowing anyone else to use any of your account(s)
  • extensive use of resources for private or personal use

Questions or Problems:

The Information Technology Office, instructors, advisors, and supervisors can help clarify this policy or to help you resolve any other problem you encounter in using NMCC computing services and facilities.

Violation of Policy:

Any user who does not adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy(s) for the network(s) that the user is connected to may have his/her access to the NMCC network terminated. The use of NMCC network is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use may result in a cancellation of those privileges and/or disciplinary action taken under the MCCS policies and procedures and/or the NMCC Student Code of Conduct.

The NMCC policies recognize and amplify the MCCS Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy.

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