NMCC - NEARnet Acceptable Use Policy

This statement represents a guide to the acceptable use of the NEARnet network for data communications. It is only intended to address the issue of NEARnet network use. In those cases where data communications are carried across other regional networks or the Internet, NEARnet network users are advised that acceptable use policies of those other networks apply and may limit use.

Member organizations are expected to inform their users of both the NEARnet network and the NSFNET acceptable use policies.

D.-I NEARnet Network Primary Goals

D. 1. 1 The NEARnet network has been established to enhance educational and research activities, and to promote regional and national innovation and competitiveness. The NEARnet network provides access to regional and national resources to Members, and access to regional resources from organizations throughout the United States and the world.
P>D-2 NEARnet Network Acceptable Use Policy

D.2.1 All use of the NEARnet network must be consistent with NEARnet's primary goals.

D2.2 It is not acceptable to use the NEARnet network for illegal purposes.

D.2.3 It is not acceptable to use the NEARnet network to transmit threatening, obscene, or harassing materials.

D.2.4 It is not acceptable to use the NEARnet network so as to interfere with or disrupt network users, services or equipment. Disruptions include, but are not limited to, distribution of unsolicited advertising

propagation of computer worms and viruses, and using the network to make unauthorized entry to any other machine accessible via the network

D.2.5 It is assumed that information and resources accessible via the NEARnet network are private to the individuals and organizations which own or hold rights to those resources and information unless specifically stated otherwise by the owners or holders of rights. It is therefore not acceptable for an individual to use the NEARnet network to access information or resources unless permission to do so has been granted by the owners or holders of rights to those resources or information.

D.3 Violation of Policy

D.3.1 BBNTSI will review alleged violations of Acceptable Use Policy on a case-by-case basis. Clear violations of policy which are not promptly remedied by Member organization may result in termination of that Member's access to the NEARnet network and related services.

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