NMCC - Go! Green! Contest

Congratulations to Amber Libby for winning the Go! Green! Contest, and thank you to all participants for their participation and enthusiasm.

Efficient Windows - Amber Libby 312 | pdf |  3 MB
Presentation presented by Amber Libby - February 26, 2009 for her project on Efficient Windows
Domestic Solar Water Heater System - Vincent Pelletier & Owen Harris 280 | pdf |  2 MB
Presentation presented by Vincent Pelletier & Owen Harris - February 26, 2009 for their project on Domestic Solar Hot Water Heating.
Lighting Efficiency-Dan Dionne & Will Skelton 257 | pdf |  673 kB
Presentation presented by Dan Dionne on their project on Lighting Efficiency
Efficient Windows Project - Amber Libby 246 | pdf |  167 kB
Project Submitted By Amber Libby on Efficient Windows for the Go! Green! Contest

Go! Green!

Contest Press Release

Green, its a familiar site on the Northern Maine Community College campus as the schools official color, but green is about to take on a whole new meaning at NMCC, as "Go! Green!", an energy challenge engaging students, is launched in the coming weeks.

The contest will require students to work in teams to develop unique and creative solutions for energy efficiency. It will also generate some additional green  in the form of savings for both the College, which would see a cut in its energy costs, and for the winning student team, which will receive the equivalent of two full-time student tuition waivers for a semester.

Contest description:
Written proposal and oral presentation for an energy conservation measure that will result in a financial savings with out sacrificing productivity, comfort or the well being of students and staff. Projects should also have a positive affect on campus facilities. Project examples would include:
  • Weatherization
  • Facility improvements
  • Electrical energy reduction
  • Procedural changes
  • Energy awareness campaigns
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Go! Green! Energy Challenge Information Letterdownloads: 349 | type: pdf | size: 39 kB
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