NMCC - Mailman Trades - Welding Lab Update
Summer 2011

Welding Lab Upgrades

Electrical Power Requirements
Remove existing smokeeaters, exhaust fans & duct work
Gives additional Headroom, current headroom limits access with forklift and taller items
Clean & Paint the lab

New fume extractors/Collectors
Collection distance from welding surface: 15" - Preferred
"Low Vac System" Centralized system

Installation of fume extractors

New Duct Work for Extractors and Other Exhausts

New welding booths
Reorganizes shop layout for more useable floor/work space
Relocate & add electrical power for Welders
Relocate & add electrical power for Fume Extractor

Relocate & add gas lines

Relocate & add air lines (Depending on New Fume Extractor needs)

Rework Metal Former to 460v or 120v

Rework Mechanical - HV, Dampers, Controls, VFD

WBRC Design - Design Electrical/HV
Summit Enviromental - Cleaning Work Plan

Similar Unit:

Lincoln Electric Solution 2 
2   FilterBank Systems
1 M18464-10 SF20000RI 22kW Extraction Fan
19   LTA 2.0 Telescopic Extraction Arms
19 K1655-3 Lamp w/Arc Sensor Kit
Lincoln Electric Solution 1  (7/3)
10 K1654-2 Statiflex 200M Fume Control Units
K1655-5 LFA 2.0 6.5' Extraction Arms
20 K1656-1 SF 2400 Fans
20 K1669-4 Lamp w/Arc Sensor Kit

Project Photos
Equipment Listing

Electrical Panels

Detailed Breaker Listing

Square D
Cat B 44-76871-2     Type PS-3
400 AMP      120/208 Volt
3 Phase 4 Wire    60hz

Panel2 (P2J)
Square D
Cat 44-76871-5    Type NQOB
150 AMP   120/240 Volt
1 Phase 3 Wire     60hz
Fed From Panel3 90A Breaker

Square D
Cat 44-76871-1
600 AMP 277/480 Volt
3 Phase 4 Wire


Square D (MDA)
Cat D44-76871-1
600 AMP 277/480 Volt
3 Phase 4 Wire   60hz

Panel5 (P1C)
Square D
No Tag Info

Panel6 (P1H)
Square D
No Tag Info

Panel7 (P1G)
Square D
Cat 44-76871-?    Type NQOB
100 Amp  120/208 Volt
3 Phase 4 Wire

Panel 8 (P1W (LS))
Panel 9 (P1W (RS))
Square D
No Tag Info

Power Factor Correction
Cat AMP2025F333FL
480Volts 3 Phase
25 KVAR   60 Hz

Transformers 1 (Main Electrical Room)
Upper unit
Square D
Cat 37S3H  Type S   Class AA
Style  13551-12212-010
37.5 KVA

Lower unit
Square D
Cat 150T3H Type S0  Class AA
Style 35129-17212-017
150 KVA

Transformers 2 (Welding)
Left unit
GE 9T21B1006 G2 Type QM Serial FU
10KVA  60 Hz

Center unit
Sorgel Electric
Cat 10S1F  10KVA

Right unit
GE 9T21B1006 G2 Type QM Serial FU
10KVA  60 Hz
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