NMCC - Emergency Medical Services
Learn more about the Emergency Medical Services programs, including EMS, Intermediate EMT, and Paramedicine.

Northern Maine Community College currently offers transition agreements in the following major and related courses:


EMS 111  EMT Basic

Credit for EMS 101 is available through either dual or articulated credit.  Students should be enrolled in a secondary public safety or EMS program, meet all competencies, and successfully pass the EMT Basic licensing exam.  For more information, contact the director or instructor at the secondary CTE school or the On Course for College coordinator at NMCC.

Please note: opportunity to receive advanced standing in a given program is dependent upon the student:  
1. Enrolling in a participating secondary program, and
2. Completing the required elements of the agreement.

"What should I take in high school?"

Proper academic and career preparation is essential to success. Different programs require and/or recommend different high school course work.  We've developed model programs of study to help guide your planning and courses.  Remember:   these are just models; interested students should review this model with a guidance counselor or advisor and modify to suit individual needs.

Download a model high school/college program of study:

Emergency Medical Services - UTCdownloads: 210 | type: pdf | size: 41 kB

For more information about agreements, contact:
Wendy Bradstreet
207.768.2771 or 207.768.2770

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Please Note:

All Allied Health applicants must be compliant with Maine Community College System and NMCC policies regarding immunization and health testing. Participating CTE sites have additional information to assist students in this process.

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